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Social distancing and the introvert

Updated: May 23, 2020

Today I am struggling with social distancing and that is saying a lot for a self confessed introvert. I am feeling cooped up, antsy and generally on edge. Normally I am quite happy pottering about in my home doing the things I like or doing nothing at all. After 2.5 months of being home I am beginning to feel the cabin close in on me. Interestingly even if the lockdown were lifted tomorrow, I wouldn’t get into the car and rush off the first social gathering I could find. No, I need my loved ones to leave the house and go about their business so I can have it to myself for a few hours. I just need to be alone and cannot be.

So instead of raving like a lunatic or lashing out at my unsuspecting family, I have put myself in time out and have chosen to hang out with the six million cats that live in our yard

It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling, sit with the feeling and let it work itself out. Do not try to be a hero and pretend all is ok when it is not. Hang in there, breathe, this too shall pass.

How are you coping with quarantine wherever you may be? Share and let's keep each other sane

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