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The Myriad Facets Of The One

Updated: May 24, 2020

Do you know who you are? Are you able to define yourself in one word? I should hope not for definition implies inability to change, I forget whom to credit that particular bon mot to. We are dynamic beings made up of more facets that one can count yet we are continuously compelled to find a box and put ourselves neatly into it and then go about our lives in that box. It may be a tight fit but hush now! Stop trying to be different and live within your box.

Before I started this little soap box of mine, I struggled with how to do just that-start. Remember I am a veritable creature of habit and so I will tend to instinctively look for a routine, or box that can define me and what I am attempting to do and then embark on the Herculean task of trying to make myself fit into that box. I would look up guidance on how to start a blog and the number of resources out there is positively mind-boggling. “What do you like?” “What is your niche?” What is your age?” “What is your favorite color?’ and a myriad other questions that while useful to some extent are also designed to put you into a nice little box. Whether you fit into that box or not is irrelevant, find a way to contort yourself accordingly.

Of course I failed drastically at defining myself so neatly because I have a vast array of interests and so I put off writing. We are such dynamic beings with diverse interests it's so hard, at least for me, to limit myself to just one facet of my being. I like so many things and stop liking in equal measure when the usefulness of that particular like has passed. It's just who I am, now why would I limit myself to writing about just one thing? I’m nearly certain there is a hard as nails biker out there who enjoys cooking up a storm, classical music and fashion all in the same breath. Why then should they be confined to expressing one facet of themselves in writing? If their blog contains all those nuances that make up the sum total of the whole would you be averse to reading it? And if you are averse, have you asked yourself why?

So be prepared this space will have all manner of content, there are no limits except for those things that I have no personal interest in, for instance fear-mongering and bringing others down in any shape or form to name a few. This is a space for me to honor all that is me and you are welcome to join if you are so inclined.

What facets of yourself would you like to honor? Share and let’s find a way to honor them together.

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