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Little Miss Know-it-all

You are not good enough. What makes you qualified to do this? Do you know that little voice deep in you that seems to have nothing better to do but question you at every turn, call you all manner of names, make you doubt yourself and is a general naysayer? You could be standing under a rainbow and that voice will find some way of negating your experience. Don’t have it? You lucky so and so

Well today as I was making hand sanitizer, that little voice decided to show up and asked me what qualifications I had to do what I was doing. A few months ago I would have slid very quickly into an abyss of self-doubt, thrown everything out and found something else to do, after all Little Miss Know it all had said so. Today was definitely not her day and clearly she did not have the good sense to test the waters with slightly less denigrating words.

Miss Know-it-all: What makes you qualified to do this? Hmm….

Me: Well lets see; I hold a Bachelor of Laws, Post-graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Masters of Science, Diploma in Organic Skin-Care Formulation, Certificate in Anti-Aging Skin care formulation. While in self-isolation I am “wife-ing’, “mothering”, “friend-ing”, “child-ing”, pretending to be qualified to teach a 13 and 8 year old and also currently enrolled in a Practical Cosmetics Formulation course. Lets not forget that I read like a regular fiend. Have you taken the time to research the WHO guidelines on making sanitizers? No? Well I have and have taken that information and melded it beautifully with the knowledge I have on cosmetics formulating. What have you done lately?

There is no response from Little Miss Know-it-all, absolute silence. I look into the recesses of my mind to see where she might be hiding. Nada, its as if she never existed. When your inner critique swans into your life, unannounced and unwelcome, take a step back and turn the tables. Ask that voice, “what have you accomplished today?” We are both prisoners and you foolishly do not see that bringing me down from across the room in your cell serves no purpose”. “If you have nothing better to say, go and peel potatoes, I have better things to do”.

You are the master of your Self, little by little you can take control of the reins and direct where you want to go and what to achieve. Don’t fall victim to that little voice that clearly has nothing better to do and chooses to pick on you with your consent. Remove that consent!!

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